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Halloween’s Giant Juicebox
Latest update: 週三, 24 十月 2012 09:37       Text by: 楊婉儀   

150It’s that time of the year again when princesses, pirates, fairies and superheroes roam the earth! Yes, it’s Halloween! 

I still remember Hannah’s first Halloween when she dressed up as Big Bird. And over the years, she has been a Cinderella, a fairy, cupid, and other very girly characters.


They love dressing up.

For Jonah’s first Halloween, he dressed as a tiger. Then he was Superman, Robin and various other superheroes. But this year, Hannah and Jonah have decided on a rather unique costume for Halloween. They have decided to be a juice box! Of course, this is no ordinary juice box – it’s a box that they designed and made together.


Hannah takes a sip of mango juice.

We took a large shipping box, cut a large hole on top for the head and two holes on the sides for arms. They each made a sign with their favorite juice – Mango for Hannah and Orange for Jonah. Then taped the signs on the front and back. Finally, we used duct tape and created a straw. They were thrilled to make this one of a kind costume and have been prancing around the house asking us if we would like to take a sip. They even joked that they could stop for a drink when they get thursty from all the Trick or Treating.


Jonah in his orange juice costume.

In the end, Hannah opted out of being Mango juice and will be Super Girl for Halloween. I suppose she is already “too old” to be something so silly. But Jonah is still faithful to his creation! So, if you see a giant juice box walking around your neighborhood this Halloween, come by and take a sip. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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